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M&T Bank understands the importance of efficient processing of your customer payments. Accelerate collections, and maximize your working capital while reducing administrative costs with our Receivables services. For more information, click on the service categories listed below:

Automated Clearing House (ACH)
Save time and reduce errors by avoiding the manual processing of payments.
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Cash Vault
M&T's Cash Vault offers you a safe, convenient and efficient way to deposit and order money without having to worry about timing, proximity to the branch or security.
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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Replace paper payments and speed receivables processing by using electronic data interchange services.
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Image Deposit
Deposit checks electronically through the use of your own imaging equipment.
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Reduce operating costs and improve cash flow by redirecting remittances to M&T's lockbox processing sites.
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Merchant Services
Increase security and convenience for your customers through the acceptance of Visa and MasterCard products.
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Remote Check Deposit (RCD)
Deposit checks electronically without ever leaving the office.
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Returned Deposited Item Handling
Options to assist your organization in managing the impacts of deposited checks being returned for non-payment.
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To find out more, please send us an email or call 1-800-724-2240 to speak to one of our experienced Commercial Service Team Representatives.

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