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M&T Bank Top Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is my M&T routing number?
    • What happens if I forget my Passcode?
    • How do I open an account?
    • How do I find out what the payoff on my M&T Bank Home Equity is?
    • Where do I mail M&T Bank Home Equity Payments?
    • When will my lien release/mortgage discharge be sent when I pay off my loan?
    • Where can I mail M&T Bank Installment Loan payments?
    • Will my deposits be processed on a bank holiday?
    • What is Constructive Receipt?
    • Can I do a wire transfer over the Internet?
    • How do I order checks?
    • Who should I contact regarding a general question on my account?
    • What do I do if I cannot access my Web Banking account?
    • How do I notify the bank of an address change?
    • Where can I find out about REO Properties?
    • How do I wire money from overseas to my M&T Bank account?
    • How do I initiate a wire transfer to another financial institution?
    • What information can be obtained by email through the Public Website?
    • Are my M&T Bank deposit accounts covered by FDIC insurance?
    • How do I close an account?
    • What is the FDIC insurance limit for my accounts?
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