M&T Bank : How to balance your M&T Bank checking account
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Account Basics: How to balance your M&T Bank checking account
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Maintaining an accurate record of the balance you keep in your checking account is an important first step in managing your account. Use this easy, step-by-step guide to help you balance your account.

Compare IconCompare Beginning with the first item on your statement place a checkmark beside each item with a corresponding entry in your checkbook register.

Balance checkbook imageDetermine Balance IconDetermine your curent balance starting with the balance shown in your checkbook register, enter any items from your 
          statement that you have not 
          already included as follows:

          Addition sign Add

           * Deposits and other additions
           * Interest credited to your account

           Subtraction Sign Subtract

           * Checks and other debits
           * Automatic payments or other 
             electronic transfers
           * Service charges

Outstanding Credits iconInclude all outstanding credits Make a list of any deposits or other additions shown in your register which have not yet appeared on your statement. Add to 
          the Ending Balance shown on the front of your statement.

Outstanding Debits iconInclude all outstanding debits Make a list of any debits or other subtractions that have not yet appeared on your statement. Subtract these from your total 

          This amount should be your current account balance.

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